Manifest Your Dream Life in 28 Days
The Treasure Hunt helps attract Love, Money + Success
 Important: If you want to manifest but don't know the steps to take, then you CANNOT afford to miss this!
Live Your Dream Life in Just 28 Days
Eliminate Worry
Bring in joy, passion and security for you and your family

Manifest Love

Dreaming of a passionate love?

Are you stuck in a relationship? 
Wish you could find your soul mate?

Manifest the love of your life.

Manifest Money

Do you stress about your finances?

Would you like to learn to attract abundance and never worry about money ever again?

Manifest Success

Are you tired of working so hard and not seeing any results?

Start living the life of your dreams.

Learn To Attract Everything You Want

Follow the simple step-by-step process...

Break your repetitive patterns.
Eliminate fear of change.
Gain the courage to leave a bad situation.
Face your fears of the unknown and try something new.
Have the ultimate lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams.
Raise your vibration to attract what you want.
Bring more passion, joy, and happiness into your life.

The Treasure Hunt takes all the guesswork out of trying to manifest your biggest hopes and dreams.

No more wondering what you should do next. 
This is so easy, anyone can follow the steps to complete the tasks in a few weeks.

An Easy 28-Day Plan

Manifest Your Dreams In Less Than A Month

What Will You Manifest In 28 Days?

In less than a month, learn the tools to create the life you want

Find The Love Of Your Life

Stop wondering IF you will find love. Instead, learn to attract the right person and build a life together.

No More Money Problems

Eliminate the stress about money in your life. Manifest the money you desire to live the life of your dreams.

Become a Success

Surpass your biggest goals. The hard work is going to pay off and you will soon enjoy all of the benefits.
Tiffany Wardle

Celebrity Psychic and Spiritual Mentor

Tiffany Wardle is TV celebrity psychic, intuitive, healer, author, and spiritual healer based in the UK. She's the favored Goop psychic and is featured on their highly popular website offering psychic guidance to their massive following.

Tiffany hosted the largest Psychic TV Show in Europe for 5 years, "Psychic TV." She's a global intuitive who works with angels, spiritual guides, ascended masters, and elements to help people connect to loved ones have passed over.

Tiffany offers spiritual training to help you raise your vibration in order to manifest any and all your wildest dreams.
Does This Really Work?

Hear What Others 
Have To Say

I've been part of Tiffany's group from the start and find it very uplifting. It takes just a few minutes each day but makes a big difference to how I think and feel. I'm more positive and grateful for the life I have.
I've manifested things quite unintentionally in the past - for better and worse - so think it's important to be conscious of what we're trying to attract and create .
Tiffany’s manifestation guidance has been hugely helpful for me. I’ve manifested a new car, free brand new garden furniture, a new free Kindle, I’ve paid off debt by manifesting well paid work, got a pay raise, a new sofa and so much more not specifically money oriented, including resolving an ongoing health issue. It’s strangely simple once you know how - and Tiffany is such a reassuring help in guiding you to manifesting your dreams.
Let’s break it 
all down.
This is what you are really getting...
  •  28 Days of guided instructions to manifest your dreams
  •  Digital course you can access from anywhere
  • ​ Downloadable workbook
  •  28 Daily tasks specifically designed to help you manifest anything and everything
But Wait, That's Not All...

You Get These Bonuses FOR FREE

Manifest Meditation

Raise your vibration so you can unlock your fears and attract your dreams.
A specially recorded meditation by Tiffany to help you after you complete the 28 days. Continue with this meditation to keep your vibration high and attract all of your dreams and wishes.
Normally £50 but it's yours for FREE.

"Psychic Like Me" by Tiffany Wardle

Get a copy of Tiffany's book, "Psychic Like Me" which you can download right away for FREE.

Tiffany is a celebrity psychic and intuitive healer. In her book you will learn to tap into your own spiritual gifts and understand your own psychic abilities better.

Learn to use your intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudeince on a greater level. 
An instructional guide to the basics of being a psychic. 

Start The Treasure Hunt

Raise Your Vibration To Attract All Of Your Dreams


Who Is This For?

  • Someone Who Is Ready: You need to be willing to commit the time and energy 
  • Someone Who Has Dreams: You can manifest your wildest dreams
  • Someone Who Will Put In The Effort: Motivated to complete the tasks each day

Who Is This 
NOT For?

  • Wants The Quick Fix: This will work quickly as long as you do the work
  • Wants a "Done For You" System: This will only work with your input and energy
  • Doesn't Believe It's Possible: Your mindset is critical to manifesting all of your dreams

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Option #2

Sign up for The Treasure Hunt and take control of your life. Learn the skills needed to attract what you want most and live the life of your dreams.
Work harder and maybe create a life you like. Continue to believe only certain people live the life they want and you are not one of them.

What makes The Treasure Hunt different from the rest?

A 28-Day Guided Step-by-Step Process to 
Manifest What You Want in Your Life

The Treasure Hunt is designed to help you unlock the tools and skills you need to progress the next step.

Tiffany is a globally recognized intuitive. Celebrities regularly work with her for psychic guidance.

 The Treasure Hunt  is unlike any other manifestation course. 

Divine guidance helped Tiffany formulate the simple steps to follow in order to manifest any dream.

Tiffany's intuition and spirit guides led her to create the course.

Without a doubt, it's never been easier to manifest. The course is designed to walk you through the steps. Each day you will be presented with a task, practical steps, and helpful tips.

The Treasure Hunt can be downloaded to print or you can use on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Celebrities have worked with Tiffany for years and now you can, too!

Don't Delay...These Bonuses Are For A Limited Time Only

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